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Saying It Differently

By on May 21, 2014

Saying it differently is a great skill to have in your teaching arsenal.

I received a really lovely message a few days ago after a person subscribed to the ‘on the bit’ website. She purchased a 3 pack of PDFs which cover the subject of on the bit. It was a PDF taken from ‘For The Good Of The Rider’ which really hit home the idea of supporting your own weight and made a huge change for her in her riding.

I have a rule that says, if I say the same thing to the same person three times and its not working, then I find a different way of saying it, or a different way of inputting that information (visual, auditory, kin-esthetic). Don’t ever be worried in your own lessons of saying “I don’t understand, can you explain”, you will be doing yourself and your teacher a favour! Below is the email I received

A HUGE THANK YOU for the 3 chapters & audio on the “seeking reflexes”….After reading “for the good of the rider”….my body & I seemed to have an epiphany and had 2 amazing rides on my 2 phenomenal warmbloods who are extremely happy that I’m riding & supporting my weight…..I am so very thankful!!!!! I was getting better w/the webinars & naked truth DVD which have been so very instrumental in improving my dressage riding but the “for the good of the rider” seemed to bring everything together!!!!

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